Experienced Real Estate Agents

Are you stuck making only $60k a year?
Or only $100k a year?

It may be time for a change. Talk to us at the Impact Team at your Castle Real Estate!

Here’s what the Impact Team can offer you

* Coaching to help you increase your income. We have 5 core members that have each earned between $200k and $400k per year and can coach you to help you raise your income
* Investor experience and investment opportunities. We actively work with investors and hold investor seminars. We are investors ourselves.
* Scheduled events to engage your clients and sphere. These include baseball games, private party movies, and more. For example we provided our clients a private theater to a first run of Star wars!
* Access to experienced support staff including licensed transaction coordinators and licensed assistants

* Showing assistance from our team members
* Listing assistance
* Lead generation
* Lead referral opportunities for you to buy and sell leads
* Passive income opportunities
* Shared signs. We have for-sale and open house signs to help you get started
* Flexibility and growth. Build your team within our team!

Give us a call to talk about how we might improve your future! Contact the team member that you talked with, or Dan Fortune at 720-515-9022, Jon Cole at 303-775-8744, or Brandon Griffin at 720-466-3353.